About Us

Zeekbeek is collaborating with State Bar Associations across the country to create an online legal marketplace with integrity.  We are exclusively partnered with the State Bar of Michigan, the Ohio State Bar Association, and the Indiana State Bar Association to offer consumers easy, credible, transparent lawyer search, and will be adding Illinois in 2016.  We are committed to ethical practices that will enhance the protection of the public and improve access to legal services overall.  

We believe in:

  1. Transparency: No paid placement of lawyer ads in search results or profiles. 
  2. Accuracy: Profile information from lawyers and the State Bars, never scraped from other sources.  Data is synced with the State Bar, giving us the most accurate information about each lawyer’s standing. 
  3. Credibility: Verified client reviews only.  No arbitrary rating systems with unclear metrics.

Zeekbeek does not recommend or provide an opinion as to whether a lawyer is a "good" lawyer or "suitable" for your needs – instead we provide accurate information about the lawyer's experience, credentials and background so that you can make an informed decision when you need a lawyer.

Zeekbeek is owned and operated by CloudLaw, Inc.  CloudLaw was founded in 2012 by a group of lawyers and web developers with over 150 years of cumulative legal and technical experience. 

Questions?  Please visit our Help Center or contact us at support@zeekbeek.com.