Why Zeekbeek?

Built for lawyers, by lawyers. 

Zeekbeek is the easiest and most ethical way to expand your client base online.  We are partnering with State Bars across the country to create an online legal marketplace with integrity.

We aim to uphold standards of ethics in all that we do.  We believe in:

  • Transparency: No paid placement of lawyer ads in search results or profiles. 
  • Accuracy: Profile information from you and the State Bar, never scraped from other sources.  You control your own profile.
  • Credibility: Verified client reviews only.  No arbitrary rating systems with unclear metrics.

Our partnerships with the State Bars reflect our commitment to creating a site that is consistent with ethical requirements and professional standards, and meets the real needs of practicing lawyers.

What can you do on Zeekbeek?

  • Create a detailed and personalized searchable profile
  • Engage and communicate with consumers
  • Advertise to other lawyers for referral business
  • Schedule appointments
  • Publish content
  • Build connections
  • Archive your web presence

Get started here with the FREE basics – a personalized profile:

To enable you to present yourself fully and accurately, Zeekbeek offers comprehensive profile fields, including:

  • Choice of over 200 practice areas.
  • Bio
  • Tagline
  • Languages spoken
  • Photos
  • Courts where you practice
  • Committees you belong to
  • Links to social media
  • Charitable or community activities

To make it easier to engage with consumers, we give you the option to:

  • Show that you are available to be hired
  • Authorize clients to submit reviews
  • Let clients contact and schedule you through the site

If you have any questions, please contact us through: